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KKND 2 Krossfire Clan
Gaming name Name Email Country Preferred Time
Saintly Lukas Mihalik ICQ Saintly now on: 200675407 Czech Republic Any time
Saintly Lukas Saintly ICQ Saintly now on: 200675407 See the website of: Saintly CZ Any time
Sakumetal Up The irons Marcelo Garcia Argentina Any time
Sanja -- -- Sanja Alilovic ICQ Sanja now on: 1946910149 See the website of: Sanja Holland Any time
Sapharunh Rainer Adam Germany Any time
Sarca How the hell does this work? Sarah Cunningham United States Any time
Sayking Come and get some Sayvisith Kingdara United States Any time
Schythe E-mail me whenever you wanna play I will host a KKND2 game every Friday at 17:00 Eastern American time. E-mail me by 16:30, and then at 16:50. I will e-mai Teddy Manley ICQ Schythe now on: 36822009 United States Any time
Scorpio Mark Nguyen United Kingdom Any time
Scott73408 Scottie T.wright See the website of: Scott73408 United States Any time
Seal Louis Tan C.M. Singapore Friday afternoons
Sebasty Ahoj, jsem z ČR a hraji KKND 2: Krossfire na 120%! :p Ahoj, jsem z ČR a hraji KKND 2: Krossfire na 120%! :p Sebastin Svoboda ICQ Sebasty now on: 495110412 See the website of: Sebasty Czech Republic Weekend nights
Sebo Sebo Hug Deutschland Any time
Sektor85 Never give up Roberto Piga Italia Any time
Series Thenma Henry C Simon Philipines Weekend nights
Series 69 Taco Shaun O'Brien United States Any time
Series 9 Krush kill n destroy you sick bastard Brian Parsons See the website of: Series 9 United States Any time
Serpentcrude65 Alexander Gltz Deutschland Friday evenings
Sgtsocom Bombs Away! Juan Garcia United States Any time
Shadow You can't kill a shadow Andreas Sundin Sweden Any time
Shadow Jan Kamenr ICQ Shadow now on: 377467868 Czech Republic Weekends
SHADOW KHAN I follow you until to death due us part after death Im your GRIM Kewin Cole United States Any time
Shadow Mastre Sergio Mateus Oliv Portugal Any time
Sharpie Callum Sharp Australia Weekends
Shenden Lee Andrew Ruado Philippines Any time
Shinok87 Time to krush kill and destroy! Jacob Medina United States Any time
Shinron Ikari (^_^) Hahaa Newbie lng aq Shinron Ikari Philippines Any time
Shlox Tavis Hoffrichter Australia Any time
Shmacker Liam Lindsay Warnes Australia Any time
Shurko Stadnichenko Alexandr Russian Federation Day time
Si I am Omni-potent Simon Bloggs England Weekend nights
Sibor Dmitriy Mardashov Russia Weekends
Sick Come play this sick game Alan Meza Australia Nights
Sickfest Wounds are temporary. 
Glory is for ever. Evan Sickfest See the website of: Sickfest Australia Any time
Silent Scream krush kill destroy Burhanuddin Rachman Indonesia Any time
Silent-hunter Nikola Marjanic ICQ Silent-hunter now on: 250778941 Croatia Any time
Silver Bolt You want some... Tyrone Lau Malaysia Monday afternoons
Simious Simon Vessey ICQ Simious now on: 78447883 United Kingdom Any time
Sinorange No Mercy 5555+ ..... Kamonwat Sangudsub Thailand Any time
Sirpaseo Maik Sahlmann ICQ Sirpaseo now on: 122035233 Germany Any time
Skaboy I have a cable modem in my house, 
so expect some good transfer rates 
with me. J.D. Leonard See the website of: Skaboy United States Any time
Skryhull Adrian Skryhull Poland Any time
Skyline no importan las perdidas... David Branchini Argentina Any time
Slasher Fun Ashok Doraiswamy Australia Weekends
Slayz b00m headshot? Aerts Micha Belgium Any time
Slice Oh shit a flamer! run! hmm... what should i put in here? Maybye some wierd message that makes no sense like Viktor Ljungahli Sweden Any time
Slipkorn666 Mi hacha hizo sus culos... Facundo Martin Rosas Argentina Any time
Slowblood Kevin Lim ICQ Slowblood now on: 456095061 Australia Any time
Slugger Hatem Sdiri See the website of: Slugger Tunisia Any time
Slwhmr facebook   Slavomír Taldík II Slavomir Taldik Slovakia Any time
Smegalo Moises Augusto Silva Pacheco Brasil Any time
Smokey3003 Didrichs Rene Germany Weekend evenings
Songo89 Krzysztof Maciaszek ICQ Songo89 now on: 000023123123 See the website of: Songo89 Poland Any time
Sono Dovono I am a new person, only played 
3 games against computer Christopher Stevenson United States Nights
Soulsocket7 Today is a good day to die...
BRING IT BITCHES!!!!! I love this game Edward Scott United States Evenings
Soulspirit Peace baby ^^ Tobias Topitsch ICQ Soulspirit now on: 299020502 See the website of: Soulspirit Austria Any time
Sp Darch Søren Peter Sieg Mørch See the website of: Sp Darch Denmark Any time
Spacemarine Alex Graham United Kingdom Any time
Spartacusii HAHAHA You Lose Ivan Oliveira Brazil Any time
Spartan347 Zenon Zormpas Greece Any time
SpikyKyle Kyle Gregory United States Any time
Spirit Destroyer Jejeja. 
Ya llegó por kien lloraban Eduardo Flota Mexico Nights
Splinter Head Long, small, thick or thin. Vaseline will get it in Lewis England See the website of: Splinter Head United Kingdom Any time
Splinterhead Lewis England See the website of: Splinterhead United Kingdom Evenings
Spool Jimmy Holmberg Sweden Any time
Spudshot Nick Kelley See the website of: Spudshot United States Evenings
Sr4470 Saleem R ICQ Sr4470 now on: 336542060 United Kingdom Evenings
Stargirl i'll love to join the clan Millicent Owusu Ghana Any time
Stelios The grim reaper has arrived! Stelios Kakogiannhs Greece Any time
Steve Stephan Schlom Germany Friday afternoons
Steve Try me on yahoo pager first, or e-mail if you would like to host. I need info on how multiplayer works! Steve Rogus Jr United States Evenings
Stryker Mauricio Gonzalez Mexico Any time
Strykesk Go Martyr go Lubou Zmecou ICQ Strykesk now on: 232305066 Sloavkia Evenings
Suflo Palo Matula ICQ Suflo now on: 217625426 Slovakia Any time
Survior Roughneck u want it come and get it Andrew Elliott United Kingdom Any time
Survivor R U brave? 
U can't handle brave. Andrew John Murphy Australia Any time
Survivors Bogdan Adrian Romania Thursday day time
Swapper Rendl Jakub ICQ Swapper now on: 4369629718 CZ Any time
Sweet Sniper Anthony Mana ICQ Sweet Sniper now on: 59071502 See the website of: Sweet Sniper France Any time
Sweetswed Niklas Gustavsson Sweden Weekend day times
Swinger I'm a beginner at the game at the moment, but I'll play anyone so I can get better. If you have ICQ give me a buzz and I'l James Taylor ICQ Swinger now on: 39028109 Australia Afternoons
Sydways64 Judon't no or ju you Nicholas Sydways United States Afternoons
Sykora I'm KKND maina let's fighting Sang Hwan ICQ Sykora now on: 70900196 Korea Any time
Sylvan Deus Ex Machina Damn, this is one of the most kick-ass RTS multiplayer experiences of my life! Paulius Miskinis Norway Any time
Symm Josh Barnathan United States Any time


Red Splat If you are not a member of the Krossfire Clan, please sign up now. Please download my custom missions for KKND2 Krossfire, all available from the main Krossfire page or the Download Bay. The Clan also has a new mini banner image, so please link to us!

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