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KKND 2 Krossfire Clan
Gaming name Name Email Country Preferred Time
M102391 Michael Gibson See the website of: M102391 United States Any time
M102391 Please e-mail me or osmethign if you want to play. Michael Gibson See the website of: M102391 United States Any time
Macgyver Alfred Widmark Sweden Any time
Madracer 2000 Mark van Vaals Holland Sunday day time
Mage Martin Klich Australia Evenings
Mage of Death First ya think lifes a bitch then you 
realise you're married to one! :~( Stuart Richardson See the website of: Mage of Death Australia Any time
Magicmen Yannik Larocque ICQ Magicmen now on: 31098889 Canada Any time
Magnu That Which Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger Michael Fry England Evenings
Maijels Miles Rehme Germany Any time
Malkavszorn Hope is just the first step onto the street of desperatily KKND rulez... Philipp Lang Germany Any time
Manticore Aaron Duff United States Any time
Mariana Watch out boys Maria Dun Australia Any time
Mariusz Mariusz Prano Poland Any time
Markzhen Jhon David Indonesia Any time
Martines hello, just want to plat some kknd, im REALY skilled. Feel free to try me out ;) Martin Norstrm Sweden Any time
Marvel Asrar Qureshi United Kingdom Any time
Masternike Phoenix Nike Spain Any time
Masterpondoffly Not have a slogan I love KKND2 Krossfire game! Pongsathone Tiratha ICQ Masterpondoffly now on: 81456741 See the website of: Masterpondoffly Thailand Any time
Matatias Ko Matatias Hanan Kurnia Putra See the website of: Matatias Indonesia Any time
Matrix Abdul Kholiq Indonesia Any time
Matt I fight fairly Mathew Kull United States Afternoons
Matty4u2 I fight fairly Mathew Jefferson ICQ Matty4u2 now on: 31098889 United States Afternoons
Maverick Maverick Mendiola Tuazon Philippines Any time
Max I fight fairly Michael Seewer United States Weekends
Maximus Oliver Wohlfi ICQ Maximus now on: 262611075 Austria Any time
McKeirnan Justin McKeirnan Australia Any time
Metemus Teamwork ;) Mete Musluolu Turkey Day time
Metromental Greatest strategy simulator ever Valentin Jankai See the website of: Metromental Hungary Any time
Mezmerizedchild * Las estrellas y los astros anuncian mi llegada * Wellington Andres Vasquez Galleguillos Chile Any time
Michayaq Michael Pelzl Germany Any time
Miguel quero entrar no grupo quero entrar no grupo Reinaldo Soares Brazil Algum dia tardes
Mikeo01 Michael Long United Kingdom Weekends
Miniara The best Beware Joni Min Minira ICQ Miniara now on: 611221663 See the website of: Miniara Australia Any time
Mirul kknd is the best thank you Amirul Wiyatno See the website of: Mirul Indonesian Any time
Mkmanu Jack Tran United States Any time
Moise Musa Gürsoy Turkey Any time
Moonshine Magnus Mċnsson ICQ Moonshine now on: 38304603 See the website of: Moonshine Sweden Evenings
Mr. Evolved KKND Krossfire rules suckers 
(I mean C&C, Earth 2140/50) Oliver Graser Austria Full Moon
Mr. Fiend Seth Hall United States Weekday mornings
Mr. Series 9 I think that Oliver is right. 
(Read his message) Stefan Kamerer Austria Weekend evenings
Mr. Survivor Manfred Nowotny Austria Day time
MSD Pista Kovacs Hungary Any time
Mufidz I'm not going to waste time, although a second preferably, this kknd held a contest in the town of Probolinggo Mufidz Zukhruf See the website of: Mufidz Indonesia Full moon
Muhammedtarik38 no slogan bye n u r a very beatiful games Muhammed Tark ICQ Muhammedtarik38 now on: 47180 See the website of: Muhammedtarik38 Turkey Any time
Mungos Croatia hello Danijel Mergl Croatia Any time
Muskrat Can You Say Juggernaut? Kevin Oliver ICQ Muskrat now on: 12273688 United States Any time


Red Splat If you are not a member of the Krossfire Clan, please sign up now. Please download my custom missions for KKND2 Krossfire, all available from the main Krossfire page or the Download Bay. The Clan also has a new mini banner image, so please link to us!

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